Things People Face With The Wrong Buying Decision

Buying Home is a tough decision, isn’t it? People think twice and trice before buying a home. But do you know? There are few problems people face with the wrong buying decision.

How? Because you guys think so many time before buying a home. You even check again & again if everything is perfect as per promised or not. Then how? Well, my dear folks sometimes you won’t get what you was expecting. Let us see in detail. So here we go.

Space Promise Fails

Umm, I think you can understand with this image, what exactly I want to explain. This happens when people promise you to give a cake but in the end, you receive a cupcake. Builder promises you that you’ll get different space for your car parking, different corridor, or huge space for compound but after construction, you find something like this image. Seems horrible right? Wait it’s not the end.

Infra – Counter

Basically all those infrastructural problems you face in your daily life. Infrastructural issue includes those wasted roads, those long distance station, & bus stops. All those issue you face to go out for your daily works.

Yes, that’s true no one buy a home in these locations. But what if your builder didn’t tell you about transportation fails. You’re the one who has to face these problems. Thus think twice, folks.

Long Distance Relationship w/ Essential Hubs

Have you heard about the long-distance relationship with your essential hubs? If yes then you’re a victim of wrong buying decision of home. We select a home with good space, area, view but what if you cannot even find your daily essential stores near you. Oh my god! Sounds like a creepy dream, right? Be alert folks.

Neighbours – The Scrapers

Think! You bought a beautiful home with heartwarming natural views. Everything is perfect. BUT! BUT! BUT! you have to face your annoying neighbour every day. So disgusting, right? You should enquire first before buying a home about its surrounding along with its neighbours too. Because you have to handle those kinds of stuff every day. Yes I know its not that big problem but its my work to alert you.

Maintain Maintain Maintenance!

You must have hear about, ‘ don’t judge a book by its cover’ didn’t? exactly the same applicable on home buying decision. You can see huge landscape, beautiful view, full of amenities and resources around your home. But who will maintain this huge acres of land? Obviously the owners it means you! But what if you did not received anything as per expectation. Folks think trice! I don’t want you guys to lay down with regret.

But no worries because, like every hero there is a saviour for you to help you for your right home buying decision. None other than ‘1st Prelaunch‘. With them now home buying has become the easiest thing. Don’t believe me? Try it and stay away from the wrong buying decision.

Last but not the least, for more fresh content stay tuned. Until that Bye Bye

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