Types of Apartments Every Buyer Must Know

types of apartments

Every individual has their different taste and preference as per their mind set, desire hobby and wants. Similarly every individual has different desire to their dream home or ideal home. According to their needs and wants their are different types of apartments to fulfill each and every individual’s desire. So let us know in detail.

Firstly let’s see what is an apartment? So basically an apartment is self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building, generally on a single storey. Okay so now we know the meaning of apartment. So finally let’s get started with the list of types of apartments.

Flat/ Apartment

Basically, a self-contained housing unit which have been used as home to stay or rented to use for their personal use.

Studio Apartment

A self-contained unit with the only one main room, one bathroom, and some space for a closet. There are no other rooms in a studio apartment for different stuffs like sleeping, cooking, dining, living, all done in the main room.


Two separate residences side by side or on the different floor but at the same row attached together and have a single entrance. From inside it looks like a single residence.


The top floor of multi-story building, condominium or hotel.


A different number of ownership of an individual for the apartment and houses.

Commercial Apartment

A building or complex owned by different types of corporation or organization for their official use.

Garden Apartment

An apartment of building on ground floor having direct access to the garden or backyard of their building.

Housing Project

Public housing project which is government housing tenure project which is owned by the government.

Triple Decker Apartment

Three different apartments constructed on top of one another is basically three family apartment.

So finally! we’re don with the list of types of apartments. So now you must have an idea about what is your ideal dream home type.

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