The Big Bend – A Giant U Shaped Skyscraper of NYC

The Big Bend

The Big Bend is nothing but a giant U shaped skyscraper of the New York City of America. As we already know NYC is very famous for its beautiful buildings & skyscraper all around the world. But now NYC is creating a unique identity to show the best skyscraper in the world.

This beautiful and massive U shaped skyscraper has been constructed by the NYC architecture firm Oiio Studio. And this building has been described as the long building of the world. Along with the height of more than 2000 feet (610m), it is also known for its height and it is considered as the tallest building of the New York City. Isn’t it amazing?

The Big Bend

The Big Bend Distinctives:

And do you know which is the most amazing part of this building? The beautiful loop! Actually, this building creates a beautiful giant loop with two horizon lines. And it is assumed that the transversal of The Big Bend can bring an elevator that can pass through the loop, that means to travel in curves as well as horizontally.

The gorgeous extraordinary skyscraper, Big Bend is nestled at 57th street, which is also called as Billionaires row in Manhattan, to the south of Central Park. Amazingly the Calvary Baptist Church (Manhattan) is in between the two the base of Big Bend.

The Big Bend

You must be knowing some of the well-known buildings in the world. But do you know, this U shaped building took every building behind it?

Not only because of its height but also for its admiring condos. The building’s both bases are currently occupied by a 22-story condo & two 5-story apartment buildings.

Isn’t it unbelievable? NYC has more hidden and unknown facts because we feel you may seek. So if you liked this information and you want more such type of information then stay tuned with us until then bye bye.

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