3 Most Amazing Facts of Real Estate World

Real Estate is a vast concept where people buy, rent & sell their properties. And you know what? India comes in 8th rank of homeownership rate all over the world with 86.6% homeownership rate. All we know about real estate and its world but do we really know about this industry? So let me tell you some really amazing facts about this world.

That popular Hollywood sign

You must be knowing about the famous landmark of los angeles, california. It has attracted so many peoples and created a tourist landmark now in the world. But do you know? The landmark of ‘Hollywood’ sign originally read as ‘Hollywoodland’ and was constructed in 1923 as a publicity stunt to sell real estate. Wow! seems amazing right?

The famous Las Vegas Strip

So the famous Vegas Strip is stretch approximately 4.2miles (6.8km) in length. And this place is known for its concentration of resort hotels, casinos & even more. Its hotels, casinos, entertainment offerings, restaurants, residential high-rises, and skyline have established the strip as one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world.

But do you know? The famous Vegas Strip is not actually in Las Vegas Proper. Smartly to avoid taxes, the strip was constructed in a town called paradise, which is completely surrounded by Las Vegas.

Japan’s Osaka Gate Tower Building

There’s a building in Japan with a highway that passes through its 5th, 6th & 7th floors. It’s an office building, it’s a highway ramp, well the gate of this building is a little bit both.

As we know now! real estate is not a small concept it is like Amazon, you can find many more interesting facts.

Looks amazing right? But do you know? It was not the end. Even more surprising contents are waiting for you. So to get more such contents that stay tuned and until that. Bye Bye!

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