Types of People buying homes

People Buying Homes

Everyone are buying homes, right? Some peoples are buying apartments, some are buying row houses or some are buying chalet. But have you ever thought of types of peoples buying homes? Sound different right? So let us see few types of peoples buying homes.

We see some types of many peopl around us every day. Everyone carries a different personality, taste & preference. According to that, people take their buying decision. Mostly real estate agent faces so many confusing while showing home to their client because of their various taste & preference. So lets have a look on various types of home buyers

The Investors

They’re the one who born to earn and invest uniformly. Usually, these types of people have more knowledge regarding investment and the best investment types. Compare to other peoples these people know everything about property investment and they’re very spacific with their choice.

The Newlyweds Couple:

In India, people are very focused on their future settlements. Buying a home is a must for an individual especially before his/her marriage for their secure future. Most people buy homes before their marriage so they could move in after their marriage. And some buy homes after their marriage. Newlyweds mostly face too many confusion while buying a home because of their different choices. But they end with perfect suitable home for both because a secure future is a new priority.

Elderly Investor

These people are from that age group who saves their money lifetime and after the period of retirement they invest their saving for buying homes. Usually, these peoples spend lots of money to buy homes because they think of their investment as their lifetime achievement.

The Bachelors:

Bachelors are of 5% to 6% of people who buy homes. Because of jobs in different cities, they face lots of problems. They pay lots of money on rent thus usually, bachelors try to buy homes at their work cities. They save money to buy homes, they’re the one who knows how and where to use money in an appropriate way.

Parting Animal:

People who invest or buy property in a place outside of the city for the purpose of, picnic or for holiday purpose. Some people buy homes in different location only for holiday purpose. These people have no intention of investment or building any property.

So this was about a few types of people who buy homes. All of them are so different from each other right? With different taste & preference along with budget, choice & selection.

So let us know which types of buyer you’re and what types of home you like. And for more such content stay tuned with us. Until that bye bye.

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