Lodha Palava Codename Grand Life

Codename Grand Life

Codename Grand Life, Sounds so royal & grand right? But do you know why this is called as grand life? or why palava introduced it no?

Let me answer you in one word, ‘ Penthouse’. Yes! it’s not a dream because Lodha Palava is introducing grand living with royal penthouse in India’s best smart city i.e. Lodha Palava City.

Amazing right? but do you know what is special in this project? Let me tell you, the best part about this penthouses is its space. Palava is already known for its best homes, amenities & location presenting best connectivity. And also it serves best advance secure technologies to make their residents smarter.

Lodha Palava already has so many things to make it the best city. Then Palava decided to become smart along with the best and presented grand life. Here you can get world class amenities which includes probably all the best amenities of the country, the best location that gives you best connectivity to all the parts of the city, last but not the least, the best housing facility with well-designed penthouse.

And you know what? these penthouses are of 3 BHK!!! So you can imagine the space you can get over here.

But why penthouse?

Because the penthouse has a royal status. If you’re investing in a penthouse to live in it, then there’s a royal status symbol with penthouses.
Most of the people looking in a penthouse are uncomparable view. and you guys already know Lodha Palava is so much famous for its unbeatable view.
Living in a penthouse with a great floor plan is a blessing for those who always wanted amazing interior designs with spacious rooms.

So now I can see some excitement about the project.

So if you want some more information kindly click on CODENAME GRAND LIFE.

Or you can also call on 8657190659

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