Ample Sunlight For A Healthy Home

Ample Sunlight

Ample sunlight is important for a healthy home. You must be thinking what is the connection between home and sunlight, right? So let me tell you Sunlight is source of natural energy, that natural energy is a requirement of every elements we see on earth.

Natural light is always better in comparison to artificial lights. 47% of the natural light energy used in a home is for space conditioning i.e. for lighting and temperature control of the home. Let me explain you in detail…

Do you? So many benefits sunlight includes for a human being. Because sunlight is a source which produces Vitamin D, that helps us for our good immune system. And healthy bones vitamin D has some vital role for human body cycle such as…

  • Helps to develop vitamin D & B
  • It has healing energy
  • That ultraviolet rays work as antiseptic
  • It increases RBC (Red Blood Cells)
  • Helps to boost the immune system
  • Act as antibacterial energy on our body

That was some benefits we get from natural lights. Therefore now you must understand the importance of sunlight.

Hey hey wait..!!! What if you’re not getting ample sunlight at your home!?

Do not worry at all because I have got a few nuske (ideas) to make your home sunlight friendly. Firstly you can use door, glass, windows etc to open out space visually along with that let sunlight pass through door & window, thus perfect ventilation. And some Bonus tips 😉

  • Clean your windows every day to allow sunlight easily
  • Don’t allow trees to block your window
  • Build your window by strategic planning
  • Install tall, big & huge window to let sunlight enter your room

So what do you want to say? Ample sunlight is important for you & your home or not? Let us know on the comment section

And you know what benefit your bank account can get? More use of natural light may lead to less use of electricity. Alas! sounds like A cherry on the cake, right? Thus enjoy in your home with natural vibes 🌸.

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For more such content stay tuned… Until then bye bye.

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